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We're excited to finally have a release date for the new Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game from Knight Models. In the game players form a custom group of witches and wizards, outfit them with Potions and Artefacts that allow them to cast a dizzying array of Spells! Preorder Until Nov 18th: We expect these items to arrive and ship to customers in early January 2019. Please see our FAQ for details on preorders.

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News, WatchGuard -

The second half of 2018 has been a busy and exciting time, despite some sorrowful and frustrating personal events. In August when we announced our upcoming line of WatchGuard miniatures, I was hopeful that we could launch our first two models for sale by the end of October. Well, it's past the end of October and Spider-Squirrel and Trash Panda aren't out yet, so what's the deal right? Our sculptor has been doing a fantastic job, knocking things out of the park time and again. I can't wait to show everyone more of his work, because it's absolutely amazing. I've included renders and photos of the master prints for Ultra-Urbanite and Manowar here and I...

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News, WatchGuard, Xion Studios -

o2media is extremely excited to announce our partnership with Xion Studios, creators of the fantastic WatchGuard Sourcebook and WatchGuard solo characters. Xion Studios' unique creations such as the Scintillating Spider-Squirrel, Teen Force 5, Les Superieurs and more have appeared in numerous RPG supplements and even original comic books! Soon o2media will begin producing original gaming figures based on characters from across the entire WatchGuard universe. Each figure will also include a profile card for the awesome Super Mission Force tabletop skirmish rules by Four Color Studios, or paint and use them in your favourite tabletop or roleplaying game! WatchGuard characters, logos and related images copyright Xion Studios.Super Mission...

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