Playing Your Crew in BMG

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Playing Your Crew in BMG

We've had a lot of folks asking about learning the basics of the Batman Miniature Game. Here are some points to consider when starting the game, or picking up a new crew.

1. What Does Your Crew Do Well?

First off, play some games with your starter set! Most of them clock in around 150 reputation, which is a great place to learn the game.

Once you've played some games with your starter box, you should have a good idea of what they're good at, and what they're not. If there's a particular scenario that you struggle with, aim to round out your team by adding some help in that department.

2. Which Objectives Should I Take?

Objective selection will be swayed by what crew you're up against, your crew's strengths/weaknesses and the scenario you roll, but there are usually a few objectives that are better choices for your crew.

For example:

Poison Ivy herself is highly mobile, so taking Loot is a good option. On the other hand, her plants can't control objectives, are unable to move and can't manipulate items, so consider taking Riddles. Your opponent can score 2VP at best and lose 2VP at worst. Over a 6 round game that could net the Ivy crew a maximum possible 8VP lead.

Ivy needs a third objective, and taking Ammo means she'll require a character that can gain points for controlling it. So adding a Free Agent like Hush or Deadshot might make sense if taking Ammo. The same thought process would be applied to taking Safes or Titan.

3. Play The Scenario

While it can be fun to just charge towards your opponent and have an epic 4-colour throw down, remember that the game is won through victory points. If you can score the extra VP granted by the scenario, they're worth it. Play to the scenario AND your crew's strengths and you're well on your way to winning.

4. How Do I Grow My Crew?

Adding extra henchmen can provide you with the advantage of numbers, making it easier to control your own objectives while also contesting those of your opponent. Bringing along a sidekick or powerful free agent can provide you with board control through taking down some of those pesky henchmen, or hunting down the opposing side's heavy hitters.

Once you have an idea of how your crew works and how you want to play, the options are limitless. So get out there and take control of Gotham!

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