BMG Battle Packs, FAQ and Suicide Squad for DCU!

Battle Pack, DC Universe -

BMG Battle Packs, FAQ and Suicide Squad for DCU!

June has been an exciting month for releases and updates to both the Batman and DC Universe Miniature Games.

Let's start with the two "Battle Packs" that have been released for download. Battle Packs are essentially mini-expansions for BMG, adding new scenarios and rules. So far there have been two released:

  • The World's Finest - pit Superman and Batman against Lex Luthor and the Joker!
  • Wonder Woman - upgrade Wonder Woman with a mount and bring Amazons to your games of BMG.

There is also an updated BMG FAQ document available, as well as tons of new Batmatch and campaign rules available directly from the Knight Models download page.

Finally we'll leave off with a very exciting document, the Suicide Squad DCU download pack! This document provides official profiles and a team card to use all the Suicide Squad figures from the BMG game box in the DC Universe Miniature Game.